Mercedes Thurman - Lakeview


I am a dress up doll
I am a cook, a maid a stress relief.
I am nothing

I am a girl
I am long hair, bright shiny eyes
I am 17 years of hard work for my education
I am the future of this country with everything to look forward to my life has just started. And there is much to come.
I am the daughter of 2 separated parents who love me and all of my siblings equally and if I don't have anything else I have them.

You are a man.
You are 6 foot 2 inches handsome and smart.
You are persuasive with your blue eyes that remind me of the ocean that I've always wanted to visit.
You're full of promises to take me to the heavens and back and discover the wonders of the world because there's nothing to fear.
You say to leave the past behind and we can relocate to the different places that I've always wanted to go.
You say I can get a job when I'm old.
“working is for losers.”
You have enough for the both of us.
You make sure that I am 100% dependent on you.

I am nothing.
I am your dress up doll
I am your cook, your maid your stress relief.
I am at your beck and call.
you say jump, I say how high.
But no matter how far I jump it will never be enough for you.
I am your punching bag.
I am the recipient of you harsh words and fists thrown.
Bottles broken, blood spilled and tears shed.
I am the one who is going to change your ways.
You would never hit me unless I deserve it, you only do this because you love me.
It is just the alcohol and drugs speaking right?
This is only temporary.You told me you were going to rehab, right?

You are a liar.
You say you love me
The lies leave your mouth the same way the bottle left your hands…
Without hesitation
You are a human being incapable of understanding love
You feed off the fear you planted in my heart.
Your anger no longer phases me anymore
There's nothing I can do to change you.
I finally found my escape from you
And you are nothing to me anymore

I am not the slave that you want me to be, or the dirt that you described me to be.
I am well educated professional
My purpose in life. To spread a message that
10 million women and men being abused each year,

I WAS a girl
I WAS naive and sheltered from the evils of the world and the darkness of hearts
I WAS part of the ⅓ women that were being abused

And although the memory of your sick game will never be erased from my mind, I will forever take pride in knowing that I ESCAPED

I am a woman
I am beautiful
I am not the person that you said I am

Jason Carney