Madison Wester - Lakeview

for the Christians who twist God's words and actions to justify their own

If I told you that God was a woman would you kneel at the altar and offer her your prayer

If I told you that God was a woman with colored skin would you still see men and women who are darker than you as subdivisions of your own kind

You create paintings and murals of a man you call holy after a reflection of yourself but please tell me a time where Jerusalem was a land that was predominantly white
If I told you that God was a woman would I still be making 75 cents to your dollar

Would you still know of the Apollo spacecraft but not know that a woman by the name of Margaret Heafield Hamilton developed the software that got mankind to the moon
If I told you that God's skin was colored would the number of colored people in prison still increase by 20 percent each year

Would a black male who was arrested for theft still get put on death row while Ethan Couch,
A rich white boy
the “Affluenza Teen” gets ten years probation because “he didn't know that driving drunk and slaughtering four people was wrong”

If God was a woman and Jesus & her daughter would women still be told that when they are abused or raped that it is their fault

Here's a story of Brock Turner.
A known LSD user
Who was caught raping an unconscious, intoxicated girl and was only given six months jail time
Since Jane Doe was unconscious she couldn't prove that her assault behind a dumpster was unwanted.
Let me paint a picture for you of this scene using the pine needles that she pulled from her hair for days after her attack.
I'll use the blood found at the scene and the color of the bruises left on her body from the hands of a boy she didn't know to add detail to Brock Turner's perfect swimming record, one of the other reasons his sentence was so short.

If God was D cups and curves would 50 Shades of Grey still out sale Harry Potter?
Would women still be seen as sexual objects
Would Hollywood hits still be filled with skin as selling points

If I told you that your God was a woman ...would magazines still tell women to be a size zero to be beautiful

If your god had always been a woman would I still get told that I will never get into a high power government job because when I’m pmsing
my judgment wouldn’t  be based on my intelligence
but my moodiness

If God was a woman would I still be practiced at turning my head when catcalled by a group of men
Would showing my shoulders still be prohibited because it's too distracting to those around me

If God was a woman with colored skin
Would Martin Luther King Jr's dream to end segregation still spread across this country slower than the blood that stained the ground of the balcony where he was assassinated

Would southern states still be filled with silent screams of slaves
Would plantations still be turned into museums
would the Confederate flag still be allowed to hang in the state of Virginia
Would 3 million innocent lives still be taken because they attempted freedom

I guess it isn't called mass homicide  in modern times since your finger wasn't the one on the trigger

Racism is etched so deeply in our history
like scar tissue running diagonally across whip beaten backs
Last time I checked the Greeks and the Romans built temples for the gods they worshiped
males and females
both colored and not
and since bodies were seen as beautiful and not sex objects often portrayed nude
While you build churches that preach " love thy neighbor as thyself"
that until the mid 60's still had segregated pews

Please tell me in the bible where God identifies herself
Where she states that you are better because you are different from everyone else
I'll be quiet if you can give me evidence of why your religion doesn't involve race

If God was a woman, please tell me how would the world treat you


Madison Wester

Jason Carney