Esther Lorenz - Sachse


Here's to life and all the joy and struggles it brings. Here's to all the pain, the heartbreak, the joy, and sadness that both weakens and strengthens us.

Here's to the children getting bullied on the playground, in the halls, or online. To the kids, teens, and adults alike who believes a cold blade can dull any pain that weighs them down. To the suicidal who believes that the cold embrace of death holds a warmer promise then life. To the men and women being abused daily behind closed doors. To the people who have fallen to the chains of addiction.

There is hope.

I am here to tell the bullied of all race, gender, and ages that you are beautifully diverse in a cold hurtful world. You have a kindness, innocence and purity that your persecutors not only lack they yearn. I am here to say no matter how big your bully's grow stay strong and do not loose yourself because when you are gone your bully's win.

I am here to tell the people in pain who are attracted to the glint of a blade to put down your scissors, to put down your knife, to put down your razor and Stop. With every fresh cut made the numbness of the new found pain always fades only leaving another scar you have to face everyday. There are people who care about what you do. People who love you enough to help take away your pain who wait silently for you with a warm embrace.  

I am here to tell the suicidal to keep away from death and continue living. To tell them there are people here for you besides a counselor who yearns to see you grow and strive in past adulthood. There are people who love you and your death will cause a ripple effect creating more tears to fall then you have ever cried.  

I am here to tell the abused there is a way out of all the darkness that has taken control tell of your life. There are people to help you, brave men and women willing to risk their life's to face your tormenter. To help you to safety.

I am here to face the addicts to tell them your addiction to drugs, sex, or alchol does not control you. Your addiction is only what shackles your mind, hands, and feet.

I am here to say all these situations can be changed but it starts with a decision.

I am here to tell all these people the bullied, the cutters, the suicidal, the addicts, the abused, along with the students and adults in this room that these situations are what produces heroes. When the bullied children stand strong or seek help, when the cutters throw out their blades, when the suicidal turn from death, when the abused turn from their tormenter risking it all, when the addicts break the chains and turn from their drugs, or when an ordinary person stands up to help someone else. Heros are made.

Some are silent. Some are brave enough to save others from the same devious decision they once made.

So here's to heros big and small and to life along with all the joy and struggles it brings.

Jason Carney