Maria Nunez Chavez - Sachse


Dear Abusers of the World,
In an instant
In an instant - You destroy the generous women who built you up
you bruise your sister's Hope
You destroy your mother
Why are you not doing anything as a father?
Why are the petals produced by the ovary of the flower losing respect of it?
Let me tell you that Only Less than 40% of women who have experienced violence have reported it
Because you oppress her spirit
You it
And pit
Until one day….. she will uit

In an instant
In an instant her wrists are lit
Tell me why you efuse
To care for her?
In an instant shes of her dreams is what is left of her
10 women
10 women experience physical abuse every minute that goes by
Stop the violation of women's humans rights
What happened to simply being nice?

Wome were born a magic maker
Maker of the world
world that destroys its origin

Wome were made to help you
For you to encourage her
For your favorite song to be her aughter
She is the colorful rose you should always look fter
Instead, you cause her epression
You encourage ppression
...This is my question:


If the touch of your skin should be a simple reeze to hers
Not a ruise
Why are you choosing to leave her lue?
She was born with a crown
Crown that you make difficult for her to hold up
Up--- away she wants to fly away from ou
Look around o, 
1 out of 3 women here have experienced sexual iolence
Why was her eye left iole?
And outside of this room…
130 million girls and women have experienced genital utilation..
Why is there still blindness in our ation?

But you don't care

Even though
She nurtures you
She loves you
She is your shelter
The enter .. of the rose
That sustains you
The center
Your helper
And every minute that goes by, 
10 women are being physically abused But these aren't just numbers
They are omen
Wome around you
Women tormented with hunters Abductors…
But not your daughter right?
Not your mother
Not your neighbor
Not your riend
….We tend to retend
To not see the roblem
But man this has to END!
Come on, you know better
Better than to
Cause her amage
To be the reason for a call to the mbulance


1 in 3 women here will experience relationship violence It is time to unmute her silence!
She wasn't born sad

You made her that way
She is Sacrifice that has built you up
Affectionate she is
She is Comprehensive

But you made her always be defensive
Dear abusers of the world,
STO the Epidemic in our ociety
STO causing her nxiety
Don't blame women for your eakness
Stop leaving her leepless!
Stop being so cold
She is continually used
She is bruised confused
Stop this epidemic  
Tell me why you efuse
To see her virtues
To guide her when she's lost
Treat her like the world because she has given you the orld Worl which continues to harm her
She is torn in a blur
...A blur you caused

Safety is what she begs for
Truth is you continue to
Beat her
Burn her
Hate her
Torn she is
Her heart pumps
As you raise a hand
A bat
Without her you will wither
Lose color
Lose life
Because of that knife
You've put in your wife

Hand is raised gain
With the purpose of gaining power by causing her ain And try to get in her rain
But Women will never be ontrolled
For she is recious gold
That could never be old
No matter how many times she is old
She is not worthy of love
What you don't want to see won't disappear
She might eat your lies because her heart is hungry Around us our world is burning but you're so cold
And She will someday o
And will stop being a hadow
Know that every 24 hrs there are more than 20k phone calls placed for domestic violence ationwide
it's time to answer
Answer now!
next door is where she ries
At school is where she ides
It is ime!!
To decide to open our yes
To ecide
To ry
To aid
Before she dies

Sincerely angry,

A woman

Jason Carney