Victor Anyanwu - Sachse

Society's ID

Society is our cancer,
Quietly it forms from us cells until each cell works silently in its favor
Despite each’s unique flavor
It misses those in the back of class with their hands up and no answers as to why it works like it does
Society is evil though filled with good people
When the bonds that hold us turn from peaceful to lethal and toxic
Forget animal, we get cannibal instincts quite often
If you don't sharpen your teeth then someone else is going to eat you
If you don't dot your i's and cross your t's, rest assured he will delete you
You're fired, he's hired, you lost and he beat  you
Society got networks running networks and everybody on repeat to increase their net worth, its accurate guess work
The only way we see and easily measure our self worth,
In that there's no deceit, your receipt is what makes the man in today's land
Your wallet demands
The green legal narcotic
Disease i caught it
It's in my pocket
“Stop it”, “never,
I may be poor in spirit but I'm rich forever”
Society, yes society, has got her thinking she need to put on makeup every time she wakes up to fit this image it made up and who am I to blame her, it works...she looks good right, after all, it got me thinking she's living the good life, the things it makes her wear, it's got my attention stare not the things she wishes we would see inside, that selfie is what she shows and her real selfie hides
And just like that
Society got us distancing ourselves from us, touch screens only make us lose touch of what's important, to the point that if I hear a scream in agony over there, i wanna pickup my phone and snapchat, cuz its only relevant if it's shared, it appears we don't care for our peers anymore
It's all these things and more
Society's Id, whose idea was it to wind us so tight with no room for our own opinions
Up in this head, I only hope to make my own decisions
What decisions will you make today?

Jason Carney