Sergio - IDEA School

End to discrimination


Racism is a cancer that doesn’t want to die
It’s been thousands of years, yet this idea sticks like glue.
A sick idea that one is superior than another race and blinds what is true.
Today, improvement is a fact and equality is a lie.

I have been looked at like a virus, something that doesn’t belong here.
I am expected to treat other people well, but not the other way around.
I am expected to be a Mexican drug dealer that sells drugs by the pounds.
The fact that my pigment can define me, filled my heart with fear.

I have worked really hard getting a good education and a GPA of four,
Yet I am first seen as “just another Mexican.”
Guess it takes a Chicano student hard work to become an American.
But no matter how good an “illegal” student is, everything gets thrown out the door.

People have asked me why do I defend the immigrants so much if I am “legal”.
I don’t see the difference between someone who is “legal” or “illegal”,
Both are human beings that strive to make a living.
The only difference is a slip of paper which “illegals” are missing.

It fills my heart with sadness to see families get torn apart,
Children cry as they see their parents taken away.
Parents hope they see their kids again, the only thing they can do is pray.
Families lose everything from their homes to their children, they are forced to restart.

Mexicans carry their Mexican flag on their back concealed,
The green is the money Mexicans have to work hard for.
The red is the blood that will ooze from working the field
The white is the reminder that whites will always have more.

I wondered how the undocumented Latinos feel,
To know that no matter how much they work,
All they can be is a construction worker, their fate sealed.
But if they go back it will be a lot worse.

I have seen Mexicans and Americans hate each other.
I don’t hate on whites, because my best friend is .
There are a few racist whites, but there are many more whites that are kind and bright.
I want to end this cycle, which only continues if both sides don’t love each other.

Fear can misguide us to harm the innocent.
At times humans are scared deer, our mind is not in the right place.
When our heart is filled with fear, seeing the truth is difficult.
Our enemy is ISIS not our Muslim brothers, our anger shouldn’t be misplaced.

Our Muslim brothers want as much peace as we do,
We shouldn’t kick out Muslims who want to achieve the American Dream
We should lend them a helping hand to save them from what they are going through.
If we kick our brothers, then we will be falling for ISIS’s scheme.

Muslims are discriminated against and oppressed.
If the US continues like this, we wouldn’t be any different from ISIS.
Together we will aim toward peace, and cause conflict to cease.
If we team up with our Muslim brothers we will end this crisis.

Black lives matter
They oppressed have a right to fight for their rights.
Not fair for our young brothers to die and their family be shattered,
While the killer has another night.

African Americans have been put down for a long time,
And racist expect them to stay down.
Changes need to be made because cops killing innocents is a crime.
Cops should protect us not kill our friends just because they are brown.

I decided to defy the definition of an “average Chicano” then.
Now I know that your pigment doesn’t define your value as a person.
Your pigment can be a burden,
If you allowed it to happen.

Jason Carney