I Stand With My Brothers and Sisters

I have to stand for my brothers and sisters
Those who hide in the shadows
Those who become the walls
dark silhouette,Who hide their identities to fit in
Who don’t want to be labeled beaner, wetback, border hopper
Who shut up and say “I think America is great”
Who have say “I love our president”,But that dirtbag
took away my dreams, took away everything I have been working for
my whole life
Everything was ripped from me when that pixelated screen read “Anularon DACA”

The color left my face as fast as Usain Bolt runs at the olympics
“I LOVE DREAMers” Trump said
If you loved us so much why did you rip
our hope to succeed,
our hope to live.
To live a life where the police are
actually the good guys, Not working for the corrupt government
Crooked as the reality we live in
We hope to live a life
Where we can go on vacation
We yearn to feel the blazing sun on our tan skin
To feel the clear chlorine waves overtake our bodies
Because back home the only waves you feel are the waves of terror

We Hope to say that we are proud Americans
But America is bullshit
America is a false hope
They hide the deportation cells with the sounds of freedom
How can there be freedom when you oppress your own people
Based on the color of their skin
The house commercials I saw as a kid were an illusion
Those bright pigmented walls were ICE in disguise
This whole country is as fake as the celebrities the people worship

They take away the identities of my brothers and sister
Took away our arroz, our rap music, our tacos made of barbacoa con salsa que hace mi abuela
And they call it theirs
A double decker taco or a Gordita are not part of my heritage
Those foods are a mockery of my lifestyle
Us latinos don’t eat food that has had plastic surgery done to them
They say our culture except they don’t own my identities

They don’t own the broken backs of our ancestors
They don’t own the scars and bruises of my brothers and sisters
They leave those scars and take the tomates and aguacates that grow in garden
Because those look better
They want the exotic because,
all they have as an identity is thieves and white colorless wall
So tell me Mr. President when was America great
When slaves were being wiped or when they elect you
You're not great let me tell you
I stand with my brothers and sisters
I want to build bridges not walls

Jason Carney