i will drop a shovel into the palms of your hands
i will force onto you many bodies
would you hide them, if you can?

drown my anger in the marianas trench
keep it deep and somewhere hollow
bury my ignorance in a crowded cemetery
so it may know of many cultures, and be lost in many stories
carry my hatred to the top of mount everest
let it catch frostbite, so it’s creeping tendrils may freeze away
let its blaze die out and let it decay

drag my greed into the center of the sahara
let the sun intensify its thirst
and when it’s lips are cracked and dry
leave it there for scavenging birds
thrust my submission out onto a stage
let it be scorched by the attention, and whither away

i will lead you to them all
straight towards their deathbeds
all i ask is that you bury them deep
under the earth,
below the rock,
in the mantle, if need be
but overall, i am begging you
destroy my Demons for Me

Jason Carney