White Culture

Native Americans and Europeans signing treaty
after treaty in early 1600’s
“Watch our backs and we will watch yours” promised
in ink ended in corpse-covered soil

Cultural differences and feelings of superiority drove Caucasians to bring
bayonet into skin
Iron rich blood adding warmth to
New World cultivations

Native Americans introduced Europeans to new foods
new culture
new ideas
Europeans introduced Native Americans to
tanned flesh gushing red opened from ignited gunpowder
red bumps encasing European tainted skin
choking spirits out of diseased bodies

Europeans are weapons of mass destruction

The Founding Fathers of this country failed to realize that what is now called the USA was already colonized. Benjamin Franklin writes how savages
have to be exterminated to make room for “the cultivators of the Earth”
President George Washington wanted to protect American Citizens by

That idea carried seven times over

President Andrew Jackson got his claim to fame for being

“ The Indian Killer”

His Indian Removal Acts forced the remaining five percent of Native populations inside boundaries
which are now the state of Oklahoma
The “Trail Of Tears”
outlined with 4000 Cherokee skeletons
withered from starvation
bullets acting as anchors to the reality that freedom
isn’t an option

Europeans are good at dictated evictions

Indians forced onto reservations
Their boys sent to “white” schools
arranged to sit in desks made to look at a sign that proclaimed

“Kill the Indian: Save the Man”

Hair chopped
Stem of native tongue snipped
The only fruit their mouth can bare
is English
Purple welts lining legs to chests
resembling the bubonic plague
after Protestants did not agree with their ideas of god

Students given “white” names to replace one’s whites stumbles over
that when scrolling through Google in an attempt to find any
a webpage called
“70 Native names to call your male dog” pops up

Children with eraser in one hand
pencil in the other

Destroying what they were raised to know
turning the page
and writing down what they are told

Assimilation is a word used to cover harsh truths about Europeans

Now white kids fill out scholarship forms claiming to be 1/8th Native
not realizing that their grandmother eight times removed was most likely
felt up by white hands. Forced to
conceive a child
not considered White or Indian
so treated somewhat in between

Men like James Ray sell adulterated versions of of sacred ceremonies for ten thousand dollars and deny allegations of appropriating culture
feathers braided into blonde hair and “sexy native girl” costumes
broadcasted at Coachella to celebrate Indian culture
Moccasins and headpieces displayed behind glass two floors above dinosaur fossils
as if their origin met some untimely demise
that couldn't of been avoided

My education taught to me from typed text of white men
who skip over the truths of American History
Using Manifest Destiny as a justification of false claims and glossed over manslaughter interlaced with words on my curriculum

U.S. History books are good at feeding us lies
and we wait
mouths open
for just one more taste

Jason Carney