Ahmed M.

David and Goliath

A shepard attempting to heard a lion,
Keep out of the palace because a plateau is home,
What weight do you have to defend yourself,
Know your limit,
Work harder not smarter ,
Accomplish what little you can ,
Never look up,
Always look down,
Because what will you do when a boulder lies in the path?

Coat of bronze armor,
3 times your size,
What will you do?
Work smarter not harder ,
Always look up  ,
Never look down,
Because I will break the boulder that lies in the path,
Not accustomed to a coat of armor ,
Never have I wielded a sword,
I take out what is familiar,
Pebble in left,
Sling in right,
Stood 20 feet away, because fire isn't fought with fire,
Flames are extinguished with water,
Know their weakness.

Work smarter not harder,
Pebble placed in spinning sling,
Never look down,
Staring into the oblivious eyes of the beast,
Saliva drips from its mouth at the thought of my demise,
Weight gained by consuming courage,
I will break the boulder that obstructs the path,
Beast, behemoth , gargantuan,  goliath.
Sling in right,
Pebble in ahead in head,
A Goliath stood 20 feet away  ,
But now it lays limp,
Coat of bravery,
1/3 your size,
What will you do ?

Jason Carney