Cat G.


nobody knew
Nobody even wanted to know
But I did
If I had know that one day I’d wake up and my best friend wasn’t there, I would’ve made our
time together better
I would’ve cherished the obnoxious sound of tags running towards me
Never yelled at him again
Kissed and hugged him everyday

At least that’s what I would’ve thought
Until it actually happened
No more tags
Or hugs or kisses.
But I seem to be yelling more
Like I’m constantly going down a spiral of stairs and nobody can drag me back up
Every little thing bugs me
I don’t even want to look up to see someone that isn’t even going to be there
And I hate him for leaving even if he didn’t have a choice
I’m just full of this blind distaste
And it this distaste in everything that eventually consumes me until I hold that same distaste for
myself and that’s all there is.

But I cannot change anything. I cannot
No matter how much I want to make sure to treasure his life. His being. His company. I cannot

I will not.
Why waste time trying to perfect something that I know will always be flawed
Because life has its ups and downs and the downs are what made us stronger. Made us closer.

I would not
I would not trade us as we were for the world. The universe. knowing that the original us is the
best us.
And I will carry these tags so that others can feel the joy of hearing the annoying clanking as I
run toward them to hug them. To kiss them.
To yell at them
And they will learn that true happiness and friendship and love
should not be traded for anything

Jason Carney