Kenyala F.


You hold the answers in front of you
They say 
Carrying whips and daggers that crack the night sky in 3/4's
But you don’t, I mean, you wouldn’t
Because as long as I’ve known you
 you have cherished the gleaming glow of god's night light
Used it so often to guide you to motherland
Guide you to the everlasting utopia of true sight
Knowing you are blinded and overshadowed
 you still follow its beckon call
Call that tells you 
”hush my baby brown skin
throw your daggers into my infinity guts so you may never harm yourself trying to find oneself
Be light my beautiful lovely smart big man and hand me the whip
Let it be my arms reaching out wide and long 
to help you walk across my promise land”
Let your sightless soul and my weaponized light be the only tools you will ever need to find truth

Jason Carney