Sydnee R.

Faded hands find their way around braceful strands

Jingling chains travel in the wind making notes to a symphony my soul knows too well
Strands bounce back
Acid bubbles in my throat , I bite it back
Earth splits,their bleeding eyes find mine
Rivers of blood cascade from broken ducts, watering the ground
Strands stay caught
Crimson washes over the land stop at splitting roots
Fruit touches my lips whispering sweet nothings on my tongue
My throat tells a different story:
Blood oranges and acid don't mix well together
Highly holy hands brush my shoulders
Bleeding .
Each touch clouding my vision
With every blink another part of me is
Maimed away
Hidden away
Burned from memory
Another part of me lost in the depths of a void whose lengths i do not know
Eternity lapses behind my eyelids
Screams have no sound in the back of my throat
Fingertips brush my feet
Fields of red no longer in sight
Just 2 inch ,busted acrylics reaching to tug at another curl….
Acid bubbles in my throat
I spit it out
Jingling chains don’t make symphonies
Fruit never touches my lips
Highly holy bodies gather around
Smiling now

Jason Carney