Raquel S.

Mamá I am Sorry  

“Mamá I am sorry”  
Are the last words too many teenagers say 
“I love you but I have to do this”
The last words they write 

 She let go of the hoop and jumped 

“No, No, No wake up” 
Mamá becomes hysterical trying to bring her back to life but it is too late 
Now, she wonders why her baby did it 
She thinks “What would I be doing if she was still here” 
Her friends thought she had a happy life 
No one knew about: 
The time she fell in love 
Was cheated on, treated like shit
She forgave but he did it again, again, and again 
It made her think “I am not good enough, no one will ever love me” 
She did not know that someone else in the world was dreaming to have someone to have someone like her
Have kids with her
Go Christmas shopping  
Go on long road trips 
Sing along to High School Musical in the car 
Have family portraits taken
Live a life many people wish to have 

But, youth is too impatient

Jason Carney