Tresean M.

The Struggle Of A Woman      

    A woman’s struggle  is something i will never truly know 
But best believe i’m not ignorant to them
So many struggles i don’t know where to start  
How about how society looks at women cause that plays a huge part 
They say women are fragile and belong at home 
But most of these “fragile” women can work can work multiple jobs and raise kids on their own 
Women are the strongest humans i ever seen 
And here’s a secret….A king is nothing without a queen 

 Now let’s talk about these fuckbois playing with their hearts 
She wanted to find a king but instead she found you 
Tell her everything she wants to hear just to get her nude 
And once that’s accomplished you’re on to the next 
You don’t answer any of her calls and ignore her texts 
Yeah you seen her naked but why didn’t you see the big picture, let me guess 
You can’t imagine being loyal because that poses a threat to your image...pathetic 

 Speaking of pathetic how about all these sorry dudes who harass women 
She already said no so why are you still trying to talk 
These creeps start following her everywhere she walks 
Then they start making threats saying they’re taking her home 
How about you do them a favor and LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE 

 Let’s talk about the sick bastards who molest their kids 
I honestly can’t elaborate on how disgusting that is 
Kids are supposed to be a parent's bundle of joy 
But instead some dads see them as a sexual toy 
Just kick them between the legs because that seems to be where their heads at 

 I saved the worst one for last , yeah i’m talking about the rapist 
Can’t take no for an answer so they feel the need to take it  
This causes physical, mental, and emotional pain far from comprehension
So ladies, put your middle fingers in the sky and TELL THOSE RAPISTS TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES 

Hey fellas, I want y’all to praise these women for their struggle...But hey what would i know, i’m just a man    

Jason Carney