Abhisar Nulluri

You came in like a storm to the city,
The City that was lonely,
The City which had turned everyone against him.
The City which could never see the light of the day.

The day you came, I had ignored you!
Told you “ You’re “new” to my school”
And did everything to push you away.

3 years later,
When I was on the peak of the mountain.
About to fall off,
You were there, to hold my hand …..
before I fell into the darkest sea of sadness, You!
caught me and pulled me up!

Those last 18 months,
In the hottest summer,
In the coldest winter,
In the heaviest rain,
Was time well spent with you.
Walking for hours,
Travelling from place to place.

Even today when we are a million miles away,
No matter what time of the day it is,
We still make time for each other.
Talking like girls for hours and hours
Making each other laugh!

I thank you,
I thank you for keeping me away from the bad,
I thank you for not only pulling me out of the sewer I was in, but also clean me of all the filth on me
I thank you for not letting my lips touch the bitter alcohol,
I thank you for not losing you cool when i had lost mine,
I thank you for being my friend                                                           
And today that city shines brighter than the sun!

Jason Carney