Alex Shaw

i used to be a poet, i could write stanzas upon stanzas filled with imagery about the bubblegum pink skies and metaphor's about your voice that is hot coffee on a cold night.

i used to use words like dismal and furious, and i could tell you how i feel, but now the only words that form are the pathetic ones that are, "I'm sorry".

i used to be a walking dictionary, there are one million thirteen thousand nine hundred and thirteen words in the English language; words like sanctuary and epiphany and the only ones i seem to remember how to use are, "I'm sorry"

i used to to be a poet, but i can no longer spin the 26 letters of the alphabet around into some sappy love poem.

i am no longer a poet because i cant write about the similes hidden on your face or about your ocean eyes. all i can do is ask for my words back and say, "I'm sorry".

i want to be a poet again, i want to write about the astonishing sunrises that dont involve you and i want to write about the sparkling blue ocean. i don't want to write about you anymore. I don't want you to be my muse, i want you to give me back my words, please give them back. im not sorry.

//give them back\\  Alex shaw

Jason Carney