Alejandro Estrada aka TexMadeMex

"Lost Soul"
By: Alejandro Estrada aka TexMadeMex

Where you at homie. You gone physically cause you wanted that escape mentally. Where you at homie. I know the feeling Homie it's like trying to find a needle in a dark room.  I've felt that pain Homie  at night you can't sleep you a man but you scared. Ive felt The pain homie  you found the needle but I know you homie you don't need that. She only helps when her smoke invade your lungs then cloud your brain homie. You broken the pain is making you think you need her homie I know You can't fix broken glass so you stuck with the pieces and you keep it  deep in side like your dirty little secret it's cold in there long before you know you're heart freezes and the pain never seizes from days to counting seasons. I know you feel cursed but to reverse it you gotta muster up some courage not the courage in a rider nah a real test of courage I'm  referring to require I Now you feel lost at times but just close your eyes and listen to your heart.


Jason Carney