Why is Poetry Important?

Well Maya told me
Why the caged bird sings
And These fingers sing a woeful melody.
The unspoken sound
of the voice of my people
My outrage and fear
Stands strong in the guise of
The strength and courage
Of the voices in my head
They finally have a place
They have a sense of belonging
A sense of understanding
In a world that wants to clip your wings
A world of a coward
Fear to speak
Fear to stand
So superficial
Where was I?
When she called me
Claiming to be behind
bars ofrage.
I was too
misguided to
To move
But this Cambria font
Is a steel bar in a spineless vessel
Suddenly I’m endowed
These pixels are my
Wails into the great abyss
My syntactically decrepit Excalibur
Defeating demons
One letter at a time
Sweet relief as my worries and fears
Momentarily disappear with the
Incessant clicking of a keyboard
Reality may keep my feet bound
But it can not seal my voice
It may make me a coward
And weak
But as long as I have
These Selfish words
Conjured to bolster the
Thoughts of a narcissist
That I can scream
Create a great cacophony
That can ruin the sleep of
Any free bird
I will stand here
Do as you wish
Because I will always have
My source of hope
My Nirvana
My untouchable escape
And I hope the wind blows her
My sweet cleft notes from
My sinful serenade
Because why reality
Keeps me down
Poetry will always keep me up

Jason Carney