Noe Funez

Forget your gold watch

Forget you gold watch you payed too much
You should be ashamed
Cause in the hood homies dreading when the seasons change
Cause they ain't got no heat
They ain't got no A/C
Walmart corporation fired my homie
And he just had a baby
A man can dream can't he
A man can breath can't he
So why we shooting
Seems like faith in humanity is what we losing
Yet you still try to choose what race is better than the other
Homie can't you see we all still human
You say all men are created equal seems like you step outside and it's a hand we deal
A death or life seal
Can't you see the weight of pain we feel
From death you'll never heal
Still think about that one day that to my head I put that steel
Think different
Change your mind
Before what you lose was the only thing you had that was actually real

Tell me why we still killing
Why we still shooting
The rich man takes the money
So we resort to stealing
7 shots fired another brother down
Let's move on
you go back to kill the officers now
Say it's racism so you think you have the right to takes a man's life
You ain't God Bruh
So why should I live my life how you tell me
Fix yourself and follow your dreams
No instead you sit at home just blowing trees
The government ties us down from head to feet
No! Break the chains yell out "we're free"
Your woman says baby and out the door you leave
How dare you say you're a man
When you got a family
Leave and make another 3
But I don't know
Just a kid
I bow my head go to sleep
Maybe just a dream
Cry out lord can you save me

But let's stop and gather our thoughts
How selfish are we
To tell others to help the lost ones
And we sit there to just watch
Think about all that money you got
Won't even stop to let a dime drop
We'll stay
And fight till our body rot
Another tombstone on a land plot
Let me stop before I say somthing that will quickly get me to the top
Keep your money
Keep your fame
Close your mind in that golden lock

Jason Carney