Elijah Lacy

I'm ok
Is what I said when the front of my non existent belly reached the hollowing canals of my protruding spine.
I'm ok
Is what I said when I looked like Brittany spears during one of her bulimic binges in the eyes of the mirror that was shattered by my unwieldy weight... I was way below average.
You're ok?
Is what they said when i looked paler then the porcelain plate we had ordered Chinese food on... well they had food on, it was a you don't pay, you don't eat type scenario.
You're ok?
Is what they said gawking at the amount of ribs I can count on my self without sucking in my breath, I counted all of them.
It's not ok
Is what they said When I looked like one of the stick figures they had drew in 5th grade and got an f on because it was malnourished I mean mistreated I mean misfed... it was too thin
It's not ok
Is what I said when I looked in my cupboards and saw sadness where there once was cheer...ios
In the pantry Where there once was wolf brand chilly and green beans and canned tuna and that weird can of meat that no body knows about because it was way in the back behind mountains of other canned foods is.... now void of population, empty is the description, desolate, the predisposition of my stomach contents.
I'm not ok
It's not ok

thanks for giving

me this chance to keep on living without having to fast for a living because it was starting to feel like i was giving my life away for stealing everything i could for a living.

it was getting hard out there for a minute, i was myself the next i knew i was to in it, my hunger pains me to the core for not having 4 meals a day, not 3 dollars to my name, not 2 licks of sense in my brain, not one thing i could say but.

thanks for giving me this meal, i praise the lord for this one crumb a day, and these 2 pieces of mc fillet, and those 3 bites i had the other day and the 4 times i was able to pray on my knees today for finding me a way to not struggle day to day for my sins, i repent, you must forgive, me for walking up that driveway, and breakin into they house just to see what they had in the fridge, i must keep my hands away, because i know i must not stray, because lord gon find a way, and all i need say is.

thanks for giving them this food, it looks really good wish i had some too, but you know what, i’m good, i’ll just walk by the hood and see if there is any black mama willing to pray something good for me to keep on keepin on, no need for drugs because i got my god on high and my faith on high but my hunger is on low though wish i had something to blow those feelings away like that hot steamy filling in that piece of pie they keep on dealing for 3.99 but only if God says it's time I will find my feast on a dime, though I sure could use one just so I can be 10 cents better off then my

nonsense so I can go run down to the nearest kitchen and say how much will this get me but all they do is give me is an empty hand so I clasp my hands together to my Lord and pray

thanks for giving, i've come a long way from my beginning and I think it's time to be giving back to the empty hands that was ridden of their last meal,

I gotta admit it was quite a steal, but for real now, I know you got a meal for me, How? Because I always knew you were looking out for me somehow and I say.

Thanks for giving


Jason Carney