Friday Shabaz

Bad Boys                 

          🔥Bad Boys🔥

Love is crap
No I mean love is a game of craps

Good girls blow dice
but instead of sevens
look for heavens in men
Looking over halos and good grades because college boys aren't fun and engineering majors aren't entertaining

My bad boy wasn't fine like Chris brown, Trey Songz, August Alsina, Tumblr models
He was 6'5 with a vibe like no other
My bad boy was only bad when we were apart
My bad boy was sweet on me
but'll act a fool when he gets out in the streets
His true love
Pavement and hot blocks

Shout out to my mom for hating him before I did
Shout out to my teenage hormones for letting me down yet another time
I thank you

Dear bad boy,
I will try to change you
because on the outside you're jokes, switchblades and bottled up emotions
But on the inside you're hurt
You're sugarcane serenades on summer nights
Melodies, chivalry
and a mind

So I'll search your subconscious and break whatever is holding you back
I'll ignore your mask
You can call me a bitch sometimes
as long as you make me laugh
You can sell that stuff as long as you don't get caught

You don't know you make me cry a lot
But I know you can be good
bad boy

Good girls get served heartbreaks on paper plates
never a silver platter because bad boys don't do dirty dishes
Bad boys always seem good at first
Bad boys are good at apologies

Why are bad boys never attracted to bad girls?
End the Cycle of
bad boy hurts good girl
bad girl hurts good boy
bad boy hurts good girl

Halos fall off on sidewalks
next to broken clocks and faded virginities

Bad boys always know exactly what to say
They know all the magic words

Beautiful, Gorgeous
Never, Always
Us, Love

True colors can paint ugly pictures
framed by the naive and shallow
Costing more than any dollar

But a masterpiece
A masterpiece is priceless

Jason Carney