Julian Zepeda

Isn't it easy?

Is it that hard to walk by,
Walk by and smile to one another,
A good morning,
A hand shake,
A nice conversation,
To be good and respectful?
Isn't easier to laugh,
Make someone's day,
Just by a gesture,
A smile,
A good hug,
A hug that embraces the soul,
A hug that that fills the mind with good vibes pushing out the bad ones?
How come people walk by,
The one considered a friend walks by,
Only to cause pain.

Is it easier to walk by,
Walk by and SPIT in their face,Walk by tripping them,
Walking by,
With a gesture of hatred,
A high five,
Minus the index finger,
The pinky,
The ring finger,
The thumb,
Left with that finger,
Lifted up with all strength and courage,

A conversation starts,
Filled with hatred,
Filled with LIES!
Words that can never be taken back,
Words that will be stamped,
Straight on the forehead,
Onto the soul,
And I thought Satan was worse.

Why can the hatred be so strong?
Why is the word sorry not good enough?
How many times do I have to say it?
I'm sorry,
By text,
I'm sorry,
By me,
I'm sorry,
Again and again,
I'm sorry…
I'm sorry.
What else am I supposed to say?
You isolated yourself,
Not letting me come in.
I understand.
I hurt you.
But please tell me why?
You never told me.
What caused you such anger?
Such anger for you to scoop so low.
Such anger for you to go so low…
So low you were beneath hell,
So low for you to become a demon.
A demon that went around,
Passing by me like a dark shadow,
So quick I couldn't see what it was,
Spreading the disease,
The disease that was to the point,
It couldn't be stopped.
Walking by with my head low,
Not knowing what they will say,
If some got contagious,
If some actually still had their faith in me,
Free from the disease.

I know it's been too long,
Waaay too long,
I know,
From your perspective,
I am the bug you will step on,
The one you succeed with,
Success of your sweet victory!

I sat on the bench the other day,
I looked as the words,
Written by black,
There to let everyone know…
The shit head I was,
That no one cared about me as it read,
Those words that hurt me,
And now I know,
It is easier,
Easier to spread shit all over my face,
It was way easier,
Too easy,
I didn't know sorting things out,
Face to face!
Where both of US ACTUALLY SEES,
The same thing.
Was so hard,
Where we both shed one tear.
A tear that will sign our bond,
To stay true,
To be the ones,
That had the balls,
To talk eye to eye,
I'm sorry,
I forgive you,
As the tear drips off,
Making it official,
As that tear clears the black letters,
Left on the wall,
The tears that will heal the disease spread.

It's never been that way,
And it never will be that way,
It's easier to be the one spreading it!
Then the one healing it.
I never knew such a simple,
To solve a problem.
The words sorry no longer are the cure,
Like I've learned in biology,
By my wonderful teacher,
A virus has no cure,
No solution,
Only a solution to the symptoms,
But not the virus,
The virus is not alive,
No soul,
No nothing,
Just like the one spreading it.

Jason Carney