Poem: The mechanical operations of a Puppet

The mechanical clockwork inside is struggling to break free from the cocoon of sensation
Beats of buzzing,
Clatter that ticks with static causing a stumbling puppet to dance
As the puppet dances on a thin line of perseverance, it watches the steps
Because if it makes a mistake it will fall into a room of glass that punctures his soul like the symphony of satan strikes drug attics
So as the puppet listens for the note that will make him fly, he considers his options of win or lose surprising the audience with a captivating flop of emptiness
As his strings are being tangled the puppet wants to keep performing for if he stops his world shall too
But the clockwork must continue and not shatter under the earth’s commotion
The puppet is silenced by the crowds muffling and he slips
Buffering like the videos on youtube the puppet’s shell becomes frozen
As the uproar settles, the momentum continues and the wooden figure is shaken with excitement
So the marionette throttles into a lovely sight and his shell is cracked
Wonderful mechanics fly around in his thoughts and then a breakthrough happens
The doll’s strings become lifeless pieces of his past existence and he soars higher than his performance has ever taken him
Higher than the strings have carried him
Higher than the crowd’s sounds of confusion, the puppet becomes a piano piano
But inside the miraculous manikin is a fortissimo ready to let the world know I’m here
Waiting for the mechanics to come back to rotate his life again

Jason Carney