Giselle B Robinson

Giselle B Robinson was born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands & was brought to Texas by way of New Jersey in the early 2000s. Robinson became a pillar in the Southwest poetry scene, recognized by her St. Thomas accent & raw poetry. Giselle’s voice and her words, her stories and her style, reflected the deeply ingrained West Indian values and traditions she was raised with. She was warm and smooth, deep and as vibrant as the Caribbean Sea. She was on several local slam teams multiple times, performing nationally & at national competitions.

In honor of Giselle B Robinson, an annual award for best written poem is presented in her name.

In 2017, The University of Pennsylvania and Kelly's Writers House partnered with YDFW, Inc. to annually sponsor two student winners of the Giselle B Robinson award for full scholarships to their summer writing program.

Giselle B Robinson Award Nominations: Best Written Poem

2019 Nominations

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2018 Nominations

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2017 Nominations

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WINNER: Abigail Tow - Keller HS

2016 Nominations

WINNER: Amberlee Clark

2015 Award

WINNER:  Autumn King (Kipp Truth)