Young DFW Writers cultivates and transforms the lives of young people through critical and creative writing programs that challenge students to engage in civic duty and to be agents of change within their communities. 

Our Programs

Louder than A Bomb (LTAB) is a 16 week writing program with 3 levels of involvement tailored to fit your campus. The workshops combine old school craft techniques with new school poetics. The students are challenged to study craft through critical examination of literary greats, modern leaders in the genre, and through examination of the lyrics of hip-hop.

Cultivation of the critical voice of the student with emphasis on creating self definition and definition of the world around the student culminates when we bring all the students together for the Crossing the Street (which kicks off the LTAB festival) and the actual metroplex-wide poetry slam. This program takes place at your school twice a week during the lunch hour or after school. Every teaching artist is a nationally recognized poet and writer and has completed the rigorous LTAB Teaching Artist Training Program. Young DFW Writers is the local organization bringing Louder Than A Bomb to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

Participating Schools

2016-2017 Schools

Brandenburg Middle School, Lyles Middle School, North Mesquite, Arlington Lamar, Brookhaven Early College High School, Keller, Lancaster, Samuel, I.D.E.A., Lakeview, Ranchview, Rowlette, Sasche, South Garland and Drugstore Cowboy.

2015-2016 Schools

North Mesquite, Arlington Lamar, Brookhaven Early College, Keller, I.D.E.A., Lakeview, Ranchview, Trinidad Garza Early College, and the Drugstore Cowboy.

WINNERS: Cassandra Jobman, Jade Pena, Amberlee Clark, Jaelene Lueper, Tacia, Veronica Bool

Team Piece: Cassandra Jobman, Jaelene Lueper, & Veronica Bool
Giselle Robinson Award: Amberlee Clark

2014-2015 Schools

Harmony School, Arlington Lamar (Val-Holla), Brookhaven Early College High School (Never Unspoken), North Mesquite High (Lunch Box), Kipp Truth Academy

Individual slam winners:
5th: Chesney from Arlington Lamar
4th: Lauren from Brookhaven Early College
3rd: Rainae from Harmony
2nd: Jossue from Kipp Truth
And congrats to 1st place: Coby from North Mesquite

Winners of the team slam:
5th: Harmony School
4th: Arlington Lamar (Val-Holla)
3rd: Brookhaven Early College High School (Never Unspoken)
2nd: North Mesquite High (Lunch Box)
And congratulations to 1st place winner: Kipp Truth Academy

Chuck D Literacy Recipient Award: Brookhaven Early College
Giselle Robinson Literary Award: Autumn King